We care about the fans.  We care about the artists.  With the continuing evolution of the music industry we understand that record labels are much less important than they once were.  Labels will cease to exist if they don't LOVE artists and if they don't LOVE fans.  We ENCOURAGE our artists to create music they are passionate about that will also drive passion in their fans.  
"Music can barely be called music if no one hears it." 






ARTIST:  Mitch Goudy 

WEBSITE:  www.mitchgoudy.com                    SOCIAL:        TWITTER         FACEBOOK

AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS:  CMA (Country Music Association) Who New To Watch 2014; Top Ten Male Country Singers to Watch 2014 (Digital Journal)


ARTIST:  Diana Upton-Hill

WEBSITE: www.dianauptonhill.com                    SOCIAL:       FACEBOOK         TWITTER       

DISCOGRAPHY:  Christmas Divine (2005); Your Day, Too (Single)(2006); Restoration (2006); Sparkle (2010); Do Love Well (Single)(2014); Wonder (Featured)(2014); Do Love Well EP (2015)